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MID Animation is an entratainment company and distributor specialized in animated entertainment IP’s. 

We represent a high quality growing catalog.

We sell our programs to all international markets, both to traditional broadcasters and to digital platforms.

You can find us at markets like MIFA



Monster’s Valley is a 2D animated series Project, based on an original idea made by talented Ciervo Alto team. It is in a preproduction phase. We are searching for investor and co production services .


Yerma is an evil and powerful witch  who recruited an extravagant team , and she has a goal for them! Fight against all kind of monsters , those who put in danger the stability of the world “The aerofrontier”.

This particular team  is a group of misfits who have been cheated to enlisting, and they will discover that their missions are not only unpleasant and low status, bute ven out of legality.



Oh my Frog Surf Rescue ( Provisional title)


This idea was born as a videogame but now is a project of miniserie to distribute by internet. This project is about a Kappa shaman who need to discover who is him and why is so important. The adventure will begin when the sea offers Kappa as a gift to a village of naif little froggies who lives in peace and harmony in their Island.

Lot’s of adventures will be waiting for them.

This is an original idea from MID Animation and we are looking for finance and co-producers.



Dan Raigorodsky

Dan Raigorodsky

Executive Producer

Marcello Alvarez

Marcello Alvarez

Creative Director




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